So, what does badass mean to me, and why have I built my rebrand around to word.

To me, the meaning is: ” In spite of any challenge, a badass gives doubt the middle-finger and summons courage & confidence to achieve their wildest dreams.”

A badass to me doesn’t have to be the conventional leather wearing, Harley-riding (although.. I do ride a Harley), give-no-fucks kinda jerk with no regard for anyone else. Absolutely the contrary.

My badass-ness comes from:

  • Surviving cancer.
  • Pushing past my own doubts to achieve in life and business.
  • Ignoring my fears around judgement from assholes and doing the ’thing’ anyway, because in my heart of hearts I knew that that ’thing’ would make me happy or at least I could say I tried.
  • Surviving absolute heartbreak. I mean it when I say, trying to run your own business, and put on a happy face + be creative when you have had your heart cracked in two, is no easy feat that required so much resilience and strength I look back now and still don’t know how I did it.
  • Pushing every god-damn day to achieve even when there is no *direct* cheer-squad in site and not only that, but zero guarantees that what I am striving for will even pay off, but I get up and do it anyway because the thought of going back to a 9-5, makes me want to cry.

That to me is badass.  Ok alright, and yes I ride a Harley, but that is totally *Optional* to be a badass!

So, If I’m building Badass Brands, how am I doing that?

Simple – I empower you and your badass brand with modern, intentional design + education with the knowledge and commitment to overcome challenges, to show up for our customers/clients and to acknowledge where we have come from, in order to honour our true calling, our path and our kick-arse journey into the future.

So.. What makes you a badass, OR how are you going to show up in your business as a Badass for the better?!

Thank you for reading,


**(When I say no cheer-squad, this is not to take away from the amazing support I get from both my clients and my boss-babe gal pals on socials and close to me, I simply mean I don’t have a boss or a coach or anyone cheering for me or equally holding me accountable)

August 26, 2020