Truth be told… 

This year has been a bit of a roller coaster. The polarity of experiences both good and bad has seen me reflect a lot this year, both personally and within Zan as a business.

⭐️ I’d love to share ONE very important Business lesson I learnt this year.

✨ Do not take your Brand personally. 

How do I know this? Let me give you some insight. Mid this year, I rebranded. At the time, I had adopted a perspective on life that explained a lot about what was going on at the time, but didn’t really reflect me overall. And in hindsight (and more importantly) didn’t reflect Zan as a Brand. I still definitely love my tagline, Building Badass Brands, because it encompasses so much about my mission with Zan and how I want to give courage and confidence to my Clients through intentional Design solutions that empower them to be the best they can be!
You see, I have this issue (some say its passion) for ensuring everything in my life – what I wear, what I drive, my home, reflects my personality! And I see this alot in my Branding Clients too! We want our Brand to reflect us, who we are, what we are about! But as I have learned, unless you are refining your personal Branding (If you are a life coach for example or writing your own resume) the Branding for your business should form its own Personality. This is the whole purpose of Branding! And just as important as this, your Brands personality should attract your ideal clients! This is the key strategic move when it comes to great Branding. 
So, in hindsight, my rebellious need to be different, to stand alone, and be that girl who never asks for help or gets hurt – didn’t really reflect Zanzera at all. After meeting some amazing people who I now hold dear in my life, and alot of -self-relfection I have come to realise that it’s totally ok to wear my heart on my sleeve, to be who I am without being afraid of being hurt – and again, more importantly allow Zan the self-expression to be it’s own stand-alone Brand, away from any of my phases, passions or personality. Sure, Zan will always have a little bit of me thrown into the mix, especially with its esoteric feel and witchy vibes, because that is a huge part of who I will always be, but I’m happy to finally realise that each Business’s brand deserves to have its own personality & purpose.
So, with all this being said, I’d love to showcase Zan’s new look website (custom built on the ShowIt Platform of course), and checkout my services over on my story, with a few new offerings also! 
Thank you to those who have stuck by Zan and I, who can perhaps relate and I cannot wait to grow and bloom in 2021 

December 6, 2020