zenzero (italian)

noun [ masculine ] /’dzɛndzero/


When brainstorming the creation of my business name, I entertained so many ideas but couldn’t settle on anything ordinary. I wanted something that reflected who I was without using my name or initials. Around the same time, I was gifted with a 16.3hh Chestnut Thoroughbred named Daf who was in need of a Show Name. I had started looking at Italian words and came across Zenzero which is the masculine word for ‘Ginger’. This resonated with me so much given both my Horse and I were firey red-heads.

My Horse now had a name ‘Zanzero DaVinci – Clever Ginger’, and so did my business – but of course I gave it a feminine spin, and decided on Zanzera Creative.

Meet your Designer, April Hardy.

With over 5 years experience under my belt, I have a wide array of skills to offer my Clients.

I have created (from scratch) my very own online Skincare Brand which reached over 100K in revenue in the first 12 months. I subsequently sold this business and now have in-depth knowledge of the Start-Up process. This was also my very first store on the Shopify eCommerce Platform, and learn’t much of what I know about Shopify simply from trial and error back in 2015 when Ground:Up Skin Co. was first created.

In November 2014 I officially graduated with a Diploma of Graphic Design although I had been working with Freelance Clients long before I hung my certificate on the Studio wall.

In May 2018 I was evaluated by Shopify and given the official status of ‘Shopify Expert’. I now enjoy working with other small and medium sized e-commerce Start-Ups to build and Design their Shopify Stores.

When I’m not head down, bum up on my iMac (Apple Fanatic!) I am out riding my Horse, or walking my dog Basil, visiting the gym or enjoying chocolate cake (quite the contrast, right?).

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