When brainstorming the creation of my business name, I entertained so many ideas but couldn’t settle on anything ordinary. I wanted something that reflected who I was without using my name or initials.

Around the same time, I was gifted with a 16.3hh Chestnut Thoroughbred named Daf who was in need of a Show Name. 

I had started looking at Italian words and came across Zenzero which is the masculine word for ‘Ginger’. This resonated with me so much given both my Horse and I were firey red-heads.

My Horse now had a name ‘Zanzero DaVinci – Clever Ginger’, and so did my business – but of course I gave it a feminine spin, and decided on Zanzera Creative.

Zanzera Creative, whilst sometimes hard to spell first-time round, has carved its name synonymous with quality design, unique ideas & an approachable & quirky red-head at the helm.

Since naming my Business, I have gone on to retire my Horse and I now enjoy packing my laptop in my backpack, and  blazing trails on my Harley Davidson Iron 883. 🤘 

noun [ masculine ] /’dzɛndzero/




HEY! April here, so nice to e-meet you!
I am the Founder + Creative behind Zanzera Creative. What begun as a side gig (Graphic Design Diploma, why not right?!), has fast become my absolute all-in Hustle. I thrive not only designing Dope AF Websites + obviously Building Badass Brands as my tagline suggests, but I have fallen in LOVE with helping Entrepreneurs carve out their own definition of being an absolute Badass in Business + Life.