Okay, okay – It’s time to work smarter, and not harder 🎉

To often I hear from business owners and entrepreneurs who had the idea to DIY their website with the ShowIt Platform, but face time restraints or feel that even though ShowIt offers sooo much flexibility when it comes to customising and getting creative with their website, but just feel out of their depth and lack the creative flair it might take to have their site standout against their competitors.

Im here to give you my 3 tips on saving time when it comes to creating your ShowIt Website.

Tip #1. – Organise your content

Get organised with what images and written content you require on the website. Planning out your pages, with what content will go in its relevant spots, will help you immensely when it comes to customising your template. I recommend creating folders in Google drive for each of your pages, and adding in your written content on a Doc and organising your imagery into the relevant folders. Work on one page at a time to ensure you don’t get too overwhelmed with customising.

Tip #2. – Set a Deadline

When working on your Template, it can be easy to get super excited in the beginning, and then find 4 months has passed and your site still isn’t done. Break down your customisations or pages into bite-size pieces and dedicate your time to each task with the goal to finish your site, and Launch it within a set period of time.

Having a deadline will hopefully help you stick to your plan, use your time productively and get it done and off your to-do list.

Tip #3. – Hire a ShowIt VA

Shameless plug of my latest service – introducing the Showit Virtual Assistant Service!
I had an overwhelming response after conducting market research a few weeks ago from fellow ShowIt designers & business owners that I decided to provide an offering that allows YOU to save time and offload your ShowIt TO-DO LIST!

Services included in our ShowIt Virtual Assistant service includes:

• Templates Customisations • Adding Content and Images • Applying your Branding across Templates • Site Clean-ups & Reviews • Special ShowIt Functions (FAQ’s Sections etc) • Shopify Lite eCommerce Set Up+ So much more!

As entrepreneurs we wear so many ‘hats’ and I understand the overwhelm that comes with creating, customising and managing a website.

So, hand it over to me instead, and get back to doing what you do best – and that’s run your business, be creative, make all the things, service your clients & kick-arse each day!

Link is in Bio for more information, and to enquire will out the form or email virtualassistant@zanzera.com.au

February 14, 2021